Cool things that happened today (and yesterday)

All within the last 6 hours… (x2)

  • I accepted the challenge from Mike Griffin to follow his lead and post about cool things that happened today. As is my wont, I’m bending the rules. So this post covers yesterday as well.
  • Paying attention to small, positive things got off to a good start as I spotted two magpies as I drove to work which, as the rhyme tells us, signifies joy! (I’m not really superstitious but they always take me back to sitting on the bus on the way to school in Ireland, counting and assigning meaning to the magpies in the fields as we passed.)
  • Sample copies of the course books, Life, arrived. I’ve had a quick glance and these look like they might be enjoyable to dip into – particularly for using the National Geographic video with lower levels. I’m looking forward to exploring them more.
  • Looking up the word ‘bark’, ESOL learners found two meanings – the part of a tree and the noise a dog makes – a noise that some of them helpfully produced. It seemed important at that stage to point out that dogs say “woof, woof!” in English. A very informative comparison of animal noises ensued. (We were, however, initially looking for the other meaning of ‘bark’!)
  • A learner’s iPad came to the rescue when learners started looking for technical words related to trains!!
  • A learner agreed to teach a wee bit of Polish to community members at our Cultural Connections beetle drive next week.
  • After working hard clarifying and discussing Mike’s (slightly adapted) Cool Things, ESOL learners loved the idea of writing their own lists. I’m looking forward to reading them.
  • After exclaiming loudly to the whole office that our new, fancy, multi-function device printer was already out of toner, I realised that I had, in fact, sent my document to the wrong printer!
  • Two of the learners in the literacies group for people with learning disabilities showed us how they dance along to Olly Murs singing Dance With Me Tonight. It was such a pleasure to watch and they obviously really enjoy doing it. We’ll need to work out a way for them to share their skills and enthusiasm with others.
  • With some of the money left in our resources budget, I’ve ordered mini white boards. Finally!
  • Noticing the positive, small things that have happened – in among the frustrations and the not so good things – has been a good exercise, something I’ll try to do more often, and a fun challenge. (Thanks Mike! 🙂 )

11 Responses to Cool things that happened today (and yesterday)

  1. mikecorea says:

    This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!
    As you mentioned, it is nice to see a glimpse into teaching in a different context.

    I am also very happy to see my cool things list was used in class and that your students will be making their own. That is just awesome!

    Thanks and take care!

    • Carol Goodey says:

      My pleasure, Mike! Really! Thanks again for the challenge. I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts and comments that your post has thus far prompted, and I’m looking forward to more of them.

      I loved using your list with learners – much in the same way as I enjoy using ELTpics when I know a bit about the person who took the photo. There’s a connection. You can bring in background information and it seems to give the text or photo more relevance, more reason to engage, more questions from the learner. And, I was really pleased with their reaction to the suggestion of writing their own lists. So cool! 😉

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  4. swisssirja says:

    Yes, yes, yes! What a great exercise, both for us, the teachers, but also for our students 🙂 i will definitely try it with mine!
    And as you so wisely put it in the end of your post – noticing the positive, small things!
    Will maybe give it a go, too. Not to noticing the positive, but writing them down in a post 🙂

    Happy and positive end of the week to everyone!

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  7. @kevchanwow says:

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for the window into your day. Love that you actually turned the list into a class activity. I’m classless for the next two weeks (insert bad pun here), but going to give it a go during the first week of lessons in April.

    And just so you know, I have often had the getting angry at the printer after sending my document to a different printer experience. As well as the coffee-machine-is-broken-again when actually I forgot to plug it in experience. And then there is my favorite why-do-I-have-to-keep-answering-the-phone-feeling-annoyed-in-the-office-and-finding-out-the-call-is-actually-for-me thing that seems to happen about once a week.

    Thanks again for the read.


    • Carol Goodey says:

      Thanks Kevin! It’s good to know you have similar reactions to imagined problems! The printer experience made my ‘cool things’ list because it was actually quite therapeutic – first I got to have a good old rant, then I had a laugh at the fact that I had made sure everyone would be aware of my mistake! And, why stop at the people in the office, why not let people around the world know too! 😉

      Thanks for reading!

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