A quick update

This is really just a post for anyone who happens across this blog – either because I’ve followed a blog or liked a post and you’re curious or you’ve somehow clicked through from somewhere else. (It may appear in the feeds or emails of people who used to follow this way back when.)

I haven’t posted here for over two years and I don’t anticipate writing anything here (other than this) anytime soon. I started this blog while working as an Adult Literacies & ESOL Worker with a local authority in Scotland. I had also been involved in teaching general English and EAP to students coming to study at university in Scotland and in tutor training. I’m interested in language and learning and this blog was set up as a place to share thoughts, reflections and activities with colleagues around the world whenever I had something to say (and time to say it!). I enjoyed the discussions here, on other similar blogs and on Twitter but I haven’t managed to keep up with those discussions recently. In the past few years, I’ve had opportunities to do some new things and I’m not currently  working directly in literacies or ESOL.

One of those new things came about from wanting to understand a bit better what it was about education that hadn’t worked or still wasn’t working for a lot of the people I knew –  learners, family members, young people.  I enrolled as a part-time student on the University of Glasgow’s Doctorate in Education programme. I’ve recently completed three years of taught modules and it has been eye-opening, interesting and a lot of work and I have, I think, started to better understand the role of education in our society. Now, as I start my research project, I’m hoping to be able to explore this a bit more. The other opportunity has been a new (fixed term) role with the local authority to support the work around community empowerment and that has raised all sorts of other questions!

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